Assess and predict the impacts of environmental change on species and ecosystems 

There is a clear need to improve our understanding of the consequences of environmental change on the biogeography of our fauna and flora and changes to the functioning of communities and ecosystems. Most of our environmental issues relate to naturally induced and/or man-induced perturbations to the biogeochemical cycles. Problems as a result of these changes are usually only detected when significant environmental degradation has occurred. Life and environment enjoy a reciprocal relationship, but we require a better understanding of how man-induced changes impact on species, communities and ecosystems. To improve our ability to assess and predict the consequences of change we need to accumulate, review and disseminate evidence-based research.

How will environmental change affect the distribution of species and the function of the resulting communities?

  • Tom Bolger, Evelyn Doyle, Tasman Crowe, Tamara Hochstrasser, Mary Kelly-Quinn, Jon Yearsley

How will environmental change affect ecosystem functioning and biogeochemical cycles?

  • Tom Bolger, Tasman Crowe, Mary Kelly-Quinn, Bruce Osborne

How can biota be used to indicate environmental change?

  • Tom Bolger, Tasman Crowe, Tamara Hochstrasser, Mary Kelly-Quinn, Stefano Mariani

What are the relationships between environmental change and genetic variation?

  • Jon Yearsley