Provide a scientific basis for sustainable management of natural resources

Rapid growth in human population has an impact on virtually all ecosystems on Earth. Strategies need to be developed for a sustainable management to maintain and/or restore ecosystem integrity. Scientific evidence is applied to develop and improve management actions to utilise natural resources in particular in agricultural and marine environments. Information generated from this research will feed directly into the development of decision support tools for environmental resource managers and stakeholders.

How do management strategies impact on biodiversity and sustainability?

  • Tasman Crowe, Tamara Hochstrasser, Mary Kelly-Quinn, Jennifer McElwain, Jon Yearsley

How do management strategies and environmental factors affect biogeochemical factors?

  • Jennifer McElwain

How can we restore degraded environments?

  • Mary Kelly-Quinn

What are effective technologies for conservation and resource use?

  • Tamara Hochstrasser

How sustainable is the use of biomass for energy production?

  • Bruce Osborne