International Soil Quality Evaluation Workshop

The School of Biosystems and Food Engineering was delighted to help organise the International Soil and Tillage Research, Visual Soil Evaluation (VSE) workshop. VSE is increasingly highlighted globally in soil quality conservation and research. The two-day event was held at the Teagasc Headquarters, Oak Park, Co. Carlow and at Shankill Castle, Co. Kilkenny where international experts demonstrated different VSE techniques. The event concluded with a summer garden party at Shankill Castle where Biosystems and Food Engineering students and staff joined workshop delegates to enjoy a hog roast barbeque.

soil workshopProf. Nick Holden (UCD) introduces the VSE technique, SubVESS demonstrated by Dr. Rachel Guimarães (Federal University of Technology-Paraná, Brazil) and Dr Lars Munkholm (Aarhus University, Denmark).