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May 2016: Jose presented a seminar the Chemistry Department of University of La Rioja.

During his visit he maintained several meetings with members of the Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics Research Group. He also participated in the Seminars Program of the Chemistry Department imparting the seminar "Progress in Molecular Dynamic of Water at Liquid-Solid Interfaces" on May 18th.


May 2016: Biowater researcher Ronan Dorrepaal has published his 1st paper!

Time series hyperspectral image analysis. 

This paper provides a step-by-step tutorial for time series hyperspectral data analysis, with detailed command line scripts in the Matlab and R computing languages presented in the supplementary data. The example time series data, available for download here, are a set of time series hyperspectral images following the setting of a cement-based biomaterial. 


April 2016: 1st Biowater workshop held at UCD 

We held the 1st Biowater workshop at UCD on April 29th 2016. Our invited speaker, Prof. Federico Marini from Sapienza University of Rome, presented a seminar on chemometrics topics including classification, prediction, validation and non-linear methods. This was followed by presentations on Biowater project progress from team members Aoife, Jose, Sindhuraj, Ronan and Vicky.   

 Biowater workshop 2016 Schedule


March 2016: Biowater researchers win awards for presentations!

The annual UCD Biosystems and Food Research Seminar was held on March 14th 2016. Sindhuraj Mukherjee won the award for best speaker in the Junior PhD category for his presentation titled "Exploring the effect of ATR crystal pressure on spectral quality of the water-polymer interface" while  Ronan Dorrepaal won the award for best speaker in the category "Research Masters" for his presentation titled "Analysis of Correlations Between XRD and IR spectra of Bone Cement Biomaterials". 



October 2015: New Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Jose A Martinez-Gonzalez has joined the Biowater team

Jose has a background in theoretical chemistry, having studied previously at the University of La Rioja and worked at the University Autónoma de Barcelona. He joined the Biowater team in October, under the joint mentorship of Drs A Gowen and N English, to study and characterize the interface between soft mater, water and biomolecules using the molecular dynamics simulations. 

October 2015: Visiting researcher Vicky Caponigro has joined the Biowater team

Vicky, a Masters student at “La Sapienza” Univeristy of Rome. has a background in the chemistry of biological systems. She joined the Biowater team in October for a visiting researcher placement, funded by the Region of Lazio under the “Torno Subito” programme under the joint supervision of Dr A Gowen and Dr F Marini to study the stability of hydrogels using chemical imaging. 


September 2015:  Biowater researcher Sindhuraj Mukherjee has published his 1st paper!

A review of recent trends in polymer characterization using non-destructive vibrational spectroscopic modalities and chemical imaging

This review focuses on the recent developments in vibrational spectroscopy and chemical imaging (i.e. Raman, Near Infrared, Mid Infrared) to characterize polymers in diverse forms, their behaviour and transient phenomenon.


May 2015: New researcher Ronan Dorrepaal has joined the Biowater team

Ronan has a background in medicinal chemistry and chemical engineering, having studied previously at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Birmingham. He joined the Biowater team in May, under the supervision of Dr A Gowen, to pursue a PhD  in the development of chemical imaging and chemometric techniques to investigate fundamental biomaterial interactions with biological systems


October 2014: Keynote presentation at HSI 2014

Biowater PI Dr Aoife Gowen presented a keynote at HSI 2014 entitled "The role of water in NIR hyperspectral imaging of biological materials".  This conference brought together academic and industrial Hyperspectral imaging researchrs to share their knowledge of innovation in hyperspectral imaging cameras, technology and applications. Full presentation here

September 2014: New researcher Sindhuraj Mukherjee has joined the Biowater team

Sindhuraj has a background in Biotechnology, having studied previously at Amity Univeristy, Uttar Pradesh, India. He joined the Biowater team in September, under the supervision of Dr A Gowen, to pursue a PhD in the development of vibrational Spectroscopy and chemical imaging for developing an improved understanding of the interaction between polymer biomaterials and water.


February 2014: Biowater project commences

The Biowater research project, funded by the ERC Starting grant programme, officially started in February 2014. The principal investigator (PI) of the project is Dr. Aoife Gowen, who has joined the UCD School of Biosystems Engineering as a Senior Lecturer to implement the project. During the next few months she will set up her new research lab in UCD, procure equipment and recruit the research team.  

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