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Year Date Presenter, Talk, Meeting title
2014 25-Apr

A.A. Gowen

Chemometrics in Chemical Imaging

AnalytiX 2014

2014 27-Jul

A.A. Gowen

Near Infrared Chemical Imaging for spatial characterisation of hydrogen bonding in water

Gordon Research Conference on Water & Aqueous Solutions 

2014 28-Sep

A.A. Gowen

NIR chemical imaging - integrating spatial information in classification models

SciX 2014

2014 14-Oct

A.A. Gowen

Aquaphotomics & NIR hyperspectral imaging 

5th Kobe University Brussels European Centre Symposium Innovation, Environment and Globalization -Latest EU-Japan Research Collaboration: Aquaphotomics: understanding water in the biological world

2014 15-Oct

A.A. Gowen

The role of water in NIR hyperspectral imaging of biological materials

HSI 2014: Hyperspectral Imaging and Applications Conference

2014 03-Dec

A.A. Gowen

Hyperspectral image regression

IASIM (International Association for Spectral Imaging) conference 2015

2015 28-Jan

A.A. Gowen

Hyperspectral Chemical Imaging: principles and Chemometrics

Italian Society of NIR spectroscopy Winter School 2015

2015 20-Apr

A.A. Gowen

Hyperspectral Chemical Imaging in Microbiology

IAFP 2015 International Association for Food Protection European Symposium on Food Safety

2015 09-Jul

S. Mukherjee

ATR-FTIR of biopolymer films

The Clinical Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Network (CLIRSPEC)
 Summer School

2015 18-Oct

A.A. Gowen

Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging

NIR 2015

2015 23-Nov

A.A. Gowen

Hyperspectral imaging: a versatile tool for Biosystems Engineering

11th International Workshop on Nondestructive Quality Evaluation of Agricultural, Livestock and Fishery Products

2016 08-Apr

A.A. Gowen

Biowater project progress

ERC Principal Investigator workshop

2016 20-Apr

A.A. Gowen

Data fusion of vibrational spectroscopic imaging modalities

Inside Raman 2016

2016 18-May

Jose A Martinez-Gonzalez

Progress in Molecular Dynamic of Water at Liquid-Solid Interfaces

Seminars Program of the Chemistry Department of University of La Rioja


2016 06-Jun

R.M. Dorrepaal

Multi-Modal Hyperspectral Data Fusion For Characterisation Of Biomaterials

CAC 2016

2016  05-July

S. Mukherjee

Can atr-ftir be used to understand the interaction between hmdso coated silicon wafers and water? A hyperspectral imaging study

Sixth International Conference in Spectral Imaging       
International Association for Spectral Imaging (IASIM 2016)

2016  05-July

R.M. Dorrepaal

Method for the analysis and comparison of surface and bulk properties of biomaterial cements

Sixth International Conference in Spectral Imaging        
International Association for Spectral Imaging (IASIM 2016)