International Summer School

Tionól Gaeilge UCD, 2 - 6 July 2018

This summer school is aimed at adults in Ireland and abroad who are interested in the Irish language and in Irish culture. It may also suit students, both in Ireland and abroad, who are studying Irish as a subject or undertaking an Irish Studies Degree. 

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2017 Summer School Launch

Miriam Ó Callaghan, participant at the 2017 Summer School, with Clár Ní Bhuachalla, Summer School Project Manager, and Ashling Harteveld, Summer School Administrator

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Fees & Discount Codes

Option 1: Tuition (without accommodation)

Option 2: Tuition + Accommodation   (five nights )

Option 3: Lectures only

Current Students & Staff (Full-time): UCD, WUN and Universitas 21* only  


Discount code: U21UCD


Discount code: U21


Current Students (Full-time):


 Non-Universitas 21*


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Discount code: StuAcc


Members of the Public


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*Please bring evidence (student card) to the Tionól. 

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Accommodation (five nights, single room ensuite) will be provided on the UCD campus, from Sunday to Friday.

Applicants may book accommodation for spouse/partner/family member. The cost of overnight accommodation (five nights, single room ensuite) is €350.


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