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Current Pay and Display Parking Areas in UCD

- Carpark Between Belfield House and The Chaplaincy
- Section of car park 5c in Belfield
- Section of car park at the rear of the Sports Centre in Belfield
- At the back near Management House in Blackrock
- At the main entrance near the Long Room in Blackrock

The spaces marked in yellow outside Health Sciences, are pay only at rates indicated. Disc holders should be aware that their disc does not entitle them to park in this area as part of the disc concession and are therefore subject to clamping.

UCD Pay & Display Parking Pilot Programme

Vehicle Clamping

11th November 2003
Vehicle clamping has now been extended to Blackrock Campus. There has also been a new Pay and Display Parking area introduced.

9th Sept 2002
As part of the implementation of the Belfield Campus Commuting Plan, the Governing Authority has decided to extend the existing vehicle clamping system with effect from Monday, 16th Sept 2002.

There will be an introductory period of two weeks, (Monday, 16th Sept to Friday, 27th Sept 2002) during which, warning notices will be placed on cars that are incorrectly parked. During this period, the existing vehicle clamping system for disabled spaces will continue.

From 30th Sept 2002 vehicles parked in the following locations will be subject to clamping.

· All delivery bays, following an initial 30 minutes
· Fire access areas
· Emergency Exits
· Roads
· Grass areas

A fee of €80 will apply for the removal of the clamp.

Pay & Display Parking
University Use Only

A pilot 'pay and display' car park at the former tennis courts near Belfield House has being introduced from Monday 30th Sept 2002.

From that date payment of 50 cent per hour will apply between the hours of 8.00 am to 7.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

An annual permit for this car park will be available at €50 (staff and current students only). Get discs>>

Issued by the Buildings Office on behalf of the Governing Authority

 :: Background Information:

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