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UCD Payroll Office
Oifig Párolla UCD

Policies regarding payments

Pay Dates

Payroll processes both Monthly and Weekly payments.

Monthly pay day is the last banking day of each month. The exception is December of each year, where payments are made prior to University closing for Christmas break.

Weekly payments are made each Thursday. The exception is the Christmas period when the final payment of the year will be in respect of the last 3 weeks of the year.

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Electronic Fund Transfer

It is University policy that all payment be transferred by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) directly into recipients bank accounts. Only Banks and Building Societies operating within the Republic of Ireland's National Sort Code System will be accepted for payment. EFT transfer offers a secure and reliable method of payment.

Please provide/amend your account details and return a Pay Mandate Form.

Income Protection

In line with University Policy, all staff members on Permanent contracts will automatically be included in the Income Protection Plan.

Current standard rates of contribution are:

New entrants (Post 95): 0.43% of Gross Salary

Pre 1995: 0.60% of Gross Salary

Please refer to UCD Staff Manual for further details on the Income Protection Plan.

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UCD Policy on Sick Leave and Absence

In cases where an employee exceeds his/her entitlements under UCD Policy on Sick Leave and Absence, UCD Payroll will be required to adjust payment accordingly.

Employees who pay Class A PRSI are required to apply to Dept. of Social & Family Affairs for Disability Benefit.  Should the claim be successful, all monies must be returned to UCD for periods in which the employee receives full payment under the policy on Sick Leave and Absence.

Maternity, Parental, Adoptive and Carers Leave

Payroll implements all amendments to payment as a result of maternity, parental, adoptive, careers, and shorter work year leave.

Please refer to UCD Staff Manual for details of UCD Policies on Leaves.

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Policies Regarding Payments