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Supplier Self-Service

What is SSS (Supplier Self Service)?
Supplier Self-Service is a portal which allows registered suppliers access to transactions on their UCD Account enabling them to make real-time on-line enquiries on the status of orders, invoices and payments on their UCD account.

Suppliers can avail of the following via the SSS Portal:

  • A dashboard detailing current transactions, (eg outstanding/incomplete orders; outstanding/disputed invoices; outstanding payments etc), and useful statistics available upon login.
  • Review current and historic transactions on orders, invoices and payments using a search facility.
  • Request a change of address or bank account detail.
  • Direct queries to the relevant transaction owners.
  • Review announcements/messages from the UCD Finance Team

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How can I register for a SSS account?
There is a simple self-registration process to request a SSS user account.

Registration Guidelines

To register for a user account you must provide the following:

    • Your UCD Supplier Account Number
      (This is available on the Remittance Advice issued to you by the UCD Payments Team, referenced as the Supplier Code).
  • Your company’s VAT Registration Number
    This must follow the Revenue’s guidelines on format, ie 7 numerics followed by possibly 2 check characters, (eg v1234567TW) If the number contains a country code eg commences with an IE or concludes with a .IE these characters should be removed.

    Old style VAT numbers should be converted to the new format eg 1F23456T, to change to a new format: 1.Put the first Number to the end of the numbers 2.Drop the first letter 3.Put a zero in front of the first number So the number above should be 0234561T

  • Your User ID – Enter a unique userid for you as a user of the SSS application. This will be your unique username  / user ID and form part of your login details.
  • Name: Enter your Firstname and Surname, these details will be displayed at the top of the SSS application when logged in, and held against your user account details on the system.
  • Telephone Number: Enter a work contact number, at which we can contact you.
  • Password: Create a password. You will be guided as to the strength of the password as you enter password characters. Weak passwords will not be allowed. Your password must be at least 6 characters. To increase the strength of the password use non alpha-numeric characters, e.g. £, $, €, mix case and numeric characters.

    Once you provide a password of at least minimum strength, proceed onto the next stage, which is to confirm this password. Your password will be used to log into the SSS application.

  • Security Question: Enter a security question. This may be used to verify your identity if you need to re-set your password.
  • Security Answer: Enter the answer to the question defined above.
  • Contact Email Address: Enter your work email address, at which we can contact you. You will be asked to cofirm this address.
  • Confirm Image Text: Enter the characters from the image displayed on the screen, if you cannot make out the text then another image can be requested.
  • Submit your registration: Click on the Register Tab
  • Once you submit a successful registration, we need to validate your account details. Once this has been completed you will receive an email notification and can then access the SSS system fully.

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Register for a SSS User Account

To register for a SSS user account please click on the following link: SSS Registration.

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Login to your SSS User Account

Click here to login to your SSS Account.

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Communication to UCD Suppliers to Ensure Prompt Payment
In order to ensure that all of your invoices are captured on the UCD Payments system, it is essential that the following steps are followed at all times:

  • Orders must only be accepted by your company on receipt of a PDF order from UCD detailing the goods/services ordered at the price agreed.
  • All invoices must quote the official order number detailed on the UCD purchase order form
  • All invoices must be addressed and sent to:

    Payments Manager
    Finance Office,
    Tierney Building,
    University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4.

    *Ideally invoices should now be submitted via email as PDF attachment(s),  (one invoice per attachment), contact the Payments Manager to discuss eInvoicing for your account tel. + 353 1 716 1469.

Following these steps will ensure that your invoices are paid promptly and that you will have full visibility over the whole purchasing process from placing of order to final payment.

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