The UCD MBA is over 50 years old, and its alumni community has grown over that time to make up the largest such community in Ireland. The bond created through our shared commitment to learning, leadership, and contribution to business and society both in Ireland and internationally, is one which the UCD Smurfit MBA Alumni Association wishes to cultivate. The goal of the Association is to create a strong network, focused on building life-long, mutually beneficial relationships through events, news and targeted engagements. Through these initiatives, we seek to strengthen bonds both between the alumni and their alma mater, and between alumni themselves.

Role of MBA Alumni Association

Alumni are key stakeholders and flagbearers for the school’s reputation in the market place.  The goal of alumni relations is to create a strong alumni community and network, with our alumni as the focal point.  We are focused on building life-long mutually beneficial relationships with graduates to ensure that they are constantly informed and involved.

The MBA programme is UCD Smurfit School’s flagship programme and our MBA alumni play a particularly important role in the school’s success both domestically and internationally.  In 2013, a dedicated MBA Alumni Association was founded to ensure that we engage with our MBA alumni in a structured and targeted way, while ensuring that the needs of this important stakeholder group are met.

Key Objectives:

MBA e-zine is a quarterly publication sent to all MBA Alumni by e-mail:

  • June 2017 (to be published)
  • March 2017
  • December 2016

Other communications to our MBA Alumni are available through our