South East Asia Alumni of the Year

Notable Alumni: Celebrating our Outstanding Business Graduates

Since 2013, the school has celebrated and recognised the business achievements and success of our overseas campuses graduates through the ‘Alumnus of the Year’ award. 

The calibre of people honoured by the school as illustrated below will give you an idea of the overall excellence of the alumni community in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Read details and profiles of our recipients of the ‘Alumnus of the Year’ Awards.

Hong Kong Alumni of the Year

2017 Alex Fan Cho Tak  Vice Chairman & Executive Director / Entrepreneur  Money Magazine (China), Ji Yuan Financial Advisory Limited & Prime Origins Group 
2016 Steve Lau  Founder & Managing Partner Eagles Fund  Eagles Fund  
2015 Homer Yu Sau Ning    Cheong Hing Store Ltd 
2014 Dr Ken Fong  Adjunct Professor     Hong Kong Polytechnic University    
2013 Charles Lau    


Singapore Alumni of the Year

2016 Timotheus Kayliang Lee SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant  Self-Employed
2015 Moey Weng Cheong Senior Military Officer  Singapore Armed Forces 
2014  Roger Wang  President  Marketing Institute of Singapore 
2013 Richard Achee Strategic partnerships - Devices for Work&Education  Google 


Sri Lanka Alumni of the Year

2017 Dhushy Thillaivasan Chief Operating Officer & Entrepreneur  SilverLeap Technologies
2016 Theekshana Kumara  Chairman/CEO VizuaMatix  VizuaMatix 
2013 Shantha Wijeweera CEO Singer Finance