The CARBiFOR project owes a large debt of gratitude to many for facilitating its work and operations.

  • COFORD has provided generous funding for the duration of the 5-year project.

  • Dr Kevin Black (FERS), Programme manager of COFORD's CLI-MIT Programme.

  • Coillte have allowed the project almost unlimited scope in allowing access to its properties, as well as cutting down and excavating countless numbers of trees.

    • Mr John O'Sullivan
    • Mrs Marie Mannion
    • Mr John O'Brien
    • Mr Jim Lynch
    • Mr Martin Walsh
    • Mr Richard Jack
    • Mr Barry Rintoul
    • Mr Walter Butler

  • Private forest owners and neighbours:

    • Mr Bosco Lawlor
    • Mr Johnny and Pat Ramsbottom
    • Mr Darragh Headon
    • Mrs Felicity Roche
    • Mr Tony Dolan
    • Muireann and Tony Collins
    • Mr Jimmy Bracken
    • Mr Michael Dunne
    • Mr Michael Campbell (Ballinagar Local Water Scheme)
    • Mr Tom Comroy (Ballinagar Local Water Scheme)
    • Mr Patrick Walsh

  • Mr David Farrell, of Quarry Plant and Parts, who has helped design and build the mobile mast, as well as carrying out regular maintenance of this and much of our sampling equipment and set-up. David has given the project staff many more hours than necessary and much of what has been completed by both phases of CARBiFOR either would not have happened or would have been far more difficult without his facilitation.