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Identifying Your Strongest Strengths

Vocational Profile - Skills
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Who Am I?
You want to get a job that uses your skills to the full, that plays to your strengths and lets you make an effective contribution. But what are your skills?

Use the grid to assess your strengths and weaknesses. The list is to prompt your thoughts, it is not exhaustive, so use the empty boxes at the end to add in any skills you wish to include. Note that the next exercise will home in on a particular type of skill - transferable skills.

Rank the skills on a scale of 1 (something you are very weak at) to 5 (something you are very good at).

Skill / Ability
Being creative
Planning events
Organizing others
Leading a team
Using IT packages
Communicating verbally
Making formal presentations
Researching information
Selling an idea, concept or product
Interpreting financial information
Understanding scientific concepts
Thinking theoretically
Applying theory
Visualizing things
Interpreting diagrams
Solving problems
Using listening skills
Managing your time
Creative writing
Motivating & enthusing
Taking the initiative
Paying attention to fine detail
Keeping the big picture in view
Add any extra skills below