Students & Alumni statement of service

1. Introduction

Mission Statement: Our mission is to enable and empower individuals to develop the skills, self-confidence and attitudes needed to flourish in learning and work within a global economy.

Value Statement: We work with the UCD Community adding value to the development of UCD’s talent pipeline through improving individuals’ experiences and learning, and enabling their contribution to communities, organizations, the economy and a wider global outlook.

Values: When dealing with each other and our clients, we value:

- Being professional, knowledgable and innovative
- Competency and accessibility
- Confidence and friendliness
- Transparent and collaborative relationships

Career Development Centre Objectives (2016-2020):  We aspire to meet the following objectives:

Be innovative and creative in our development and professional practice, active in planning, predicting and managing change.
Enable UCD students and Postdoctoral Researchers to develop the self-confidence, skills and competencies required for transition to work and for ongoing career management and professional development and lifelong learning.
Enhance the educational experience by developing, delivering and constantly improving innovative career development opportunities and professional development.
Situate our work within relevant theoretical frameworks and models that are robust, fit-for-purpose and internationally recognised.
Proactively engage with employers and grow the number and range of internship and graduate opportunities and provide UCD with intelligence on the graduate labour market, recruitment and selection trends. 
Provide consultancy and support to the Faculty in curriculum design and enhancement as it relates to career and professional development. 
Develop the capacity, knowledge and skills of the CDC staff to remain relevant, innovative and responsive to technological developments as they apply and are exploited for work purposes.
Treat each other and our clients with dignity and respect, paying due diligence to equality of opportunity, impartiality and confidentiality.
Evidence the impact of our work on the UCD Strategic Plan through measuring and reporting our impact and success appropriately.

We subscribe to the following Professional Associations/Best Practice:

2. Services we offer

UCD Career Development Centre aims to provide career coaching, personal and professional development to students of all disciplines at all stages of study through various services, products and provisions including:

Career Coaching and Guidance

Initial engagement is through individual career coaching sessions lasting for 20 minutes which may be booked online from 08:00 Monday-Friday for same day service. Sessions are resource limited and early booking is advised to avoid delay in service provision. Should you experience technical difficulty in booking an interview, please email and a member of the Career Team will get back to you to resolve the issue. After a quick query meeting, a Career & Skills Consultant may recommend/refer a student for a booked in-depth meeting. Quick query is intended to help you make a start, for example, by providing information or signposting to additional support or by providing help with making career plans, sourcing funding for graduate study etc. The Career Development Centre opens Monday-Friday from 9:00am- 5:00pm. We cannot make bookings for quick query interviews via email unless exceptional circumstances exist. Quick Query Advisers will help with the full range of careers and employment issues or with work experience queries.

An in-depth interview with a Careers & Skills Consultant is only available by appointment, after you have seen a Quick Query Adviser, and lasts around 45-60 minutes. This is an in-depth meeting designed to help you explore career related issues you may have, for example, how to go about making a career decision, understanding career options, to relate information to your own needs and circumstances and make decisions about your education, career choice and employment opportunities. To make this meeting successful, you will need to carry out preparation for this meeting which will have been outlined to you by the quick query adviser. Contents of your meeting and discussion remain confidential unless it is in your best interests for information to be shared with other relevant staff/personnel. No sharing of information will take place without your permission to release details to a third party. An agreed summary of the main points and action points (for you and/or the Career & Skills Consultant) will be agreed at the end of your meeting.


UCD Career Development Centre aims to ensure that:

  • Your coaching session starts and finishes on time.
  • Booked interviews are offered (in normal circumstances) within ten working days where it is agreed with a Quick Query Consultant that an interview is needed.
  • Any change or delay to your interview time is clearly explained.
  • Any discussion with a Career & Skills Consultant remains confidential and impartial.
  • Any records of your discussion with a Careers & Skills Consultant are available to you in accordance with the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.


UCD Career Development Centre will respond as far as possible to telephone and email inquiries, but reserves the right to refer students to other services as appropriate.


Career, Personal and Professional Development Services

Work carried out on areas such as employability skills development, career action plans, preparation for internship, job search, recruitment and selection processes, further and graduate study are targeted, primarily, at taught masters and final year students in the first semester and at first and pre-final year students in the second semester. While this is the main approach, exceptions apply and the Career Development Centre will work with any student/group of students on career development matters at any stage in their university career where at all possible.


Career Development Centre in and around the Curriculum

Modules in Career and Personal and Professional Development have been introduced to a number of academic areas and bear 5 credits. These areas include: Computer Science, Information and Library Studies and Psychology. 

Non-credit bearing certificates in Skills for Working Life and in Work Based Learning appear on the Diploma Supplement for students who complete these programmes successfully.

Recognition of students’ learning and development arising from engagement in co-curricular activities is important in preparing students well for life beyond University. UCD Career Development Centre has introduced a new internationally recognised qualification to accredit such experience. The Professional Recognition Award was introduced at UCD in November 2013 and is currently at a pilot stage and offered at national qualification framework level 6 in the first instance. It is hoped to build a skills framework at UCD with the PRA as a spinal point that recognises and accredits learning and development arising from co-curricular engagement.

All programmes/modules are evaluated annually and student feedback used to enhance provisions.



Information resources contain up-to-date reference and take away material relating to:

  • Career areas
  • Training opportunities
  • Graduate employers
  • Job search, recruitment and selection
  • Further and postgraduate study
  • Vacancies – full-time, part-time, graduate, internship

Students and graduates have access to online materials such as databases, videos, and social media on career related matters.


Recruitment Programmes

UCD Career Development Centre annually promotes 100’s of job vacancies that are uploaded directly to a searchable vacancy database by employers targeting UCD students. In addition, a series of career sector specific Recruitment Fairs are organised every year, connecting 1000’s of students to 100’s of employers with 1000’s of job vacancies. A further 100 or so employer recruitment presentations and employer-led skill development workshops are organised on campus to help students and graduates make contact with graduate recruiters and access graduate, placement and internship vacancies. Details of these can be found on the Careers Events Calendar.

3. Who may use the Career Development Centre?

Current undergraduate, graduate students and alumni (up to two years after course completion only) of University College Dublin Belfield may access the full range of services. Students and alumni of other universities and prospective students may access information facilities, subject to resources. 

Students and alumni of the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School should visit our sister-Centre situated there.

4. Expectations

What you can expect from the Career Development Centre

We operate in accordance with the AHECS and AGCAS Codes of Practice, so you can expect the work we do to be: 

  • Impartial
  • Confidential
  • Focused on your needs
  • Non directive
  • Underpinned by equality of opportunity regardless of age, race, religion, political belief, gender, disability, marital status, social class or sexual orientation
  • Mindful of dignity and respect
  • Professional
  • Accessible to eligible users

What we expect from our users

We expect you, as a user of our service, to:

  • Treat our staff with dignity and respect at all times
  • Seek help if you cannot access what you are looking for
  • Seek help if you have specialist needs (for example large print format)
  • Inform us in good time if you are unable to attend booked interviews etc
  • Complete any preparatory work we recommend you do
  • Use computer and other facilities appropriately
  • Attend in good time for interviews and group sessions
  • Be prepared to recognize and work through career development processes
  • Take responsibility for making your own decisions, researching your career choices and taking action to realise your career goals


5. Career Development Centre Staff

The staff at the Career Development Centre are well qualified and experts in their field/roles. Short biographies on our team can be found on our Meet the team page. All members of staff participate in appropriate professional development activities each year and make significant contributions in supporting UCD students and staff. 

6. User feedback/improvement

UCD Career Development Centre is developing a system of continuous quality improvement and therefore has systems designed to capture feedback. We ask you to be patient if asked to complete feedback forms for different services on offer (paper and/or online). In addition to formal feedback we are interested in your views on any aspect of the service. A Suggestion Box is situated in a pillar in our Career Resources Room adjacent to our Reception desk. 

Should there be cause for complaint, this should be made in writing to the Director of the Career Development Centre. Complaints will be dealt with as quickly as possible and you will receive notification of how we are handling your complaint within 5 working days of the situation being brought to the attention of the Director of Career Development and Skills. We will attempt to deal with your complaint within 14 working days from the date we received your email or letter.

7. How to contact us

Career Development Centre 

Telephone: 01 716 7574 

In Person: UCD Career Development Centre, Library Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4 

Opening Hours 

Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm* 

*Wednesday opening until 7.30pm during teaching weeks

8. Referral policy

The Career Development Centre may, where appropriate, refer a student or graduate to other services within or external to the University. The reasons for referral will be clearly explained to the student and details of the department or service to which the student is referred will be provided. Only in exceptional circumstances and with the student’s permission will an adviser make direct contact with the referral unit on behalf of the student.