UCD Staff statement of service

1. Introduction

UCD Career Development Centre aims to enable the University's students to make informed decisions about their career choices, take steps to realise the goals and to develop the capacity to manage their careers throughout their working lives.

In order to facilitate this process and to support the University in its mission and corporate planning to develop the employability skills and graduate attributes of its students, the institution can expect the following:

  • A Career Development Centre mission which, through its activities, supports the strategic objectives of the University in developing, for example, graduate attributes, personal and professional development opportunities, student recruitment, retention and progression and encourages global career perspectives amongst students.
  • A service effectively managed and delivered within the resources available, including working towards recognised quality standards for the sector if and when available.
  • Accountability of the Career Development Centre and its activities, through regular reporting processes and other reports as required.
  • Contribution to University publications as required and as appropriate for effective public and staff relations.
  • Continuing development of activities with partners in UCD Colleges and Schools to promote the career development learning of UCD students at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Support the career and professional development of postdoctoral researchers through the development, delivery and evaluation of services within the overall UCD Research Careers Framework.
  • Regular liaison with academic departments, through designated Career & Skills Consultant contacts.
  • The collection and dissemination of the annual First Destinations Return for use by HEA, the institution and its students and advice on labour market trends in the demand for graduates.
  • Provision of a comprehensive information resource relating to occupations, further study and funding, employers and vacancies, applications and interviews etc.
  • Liaison with extensive range of employers for the promotion of interest in University College Dublin’s students and graduates for recruitment, placement, project and vacation work purposes.
  • The involvement of Career Development Centre staff in national and international activities with AGCAS and AHECS, the professional associations of HE careers services, including training and development.


2. Expectation and entitlement

The Career Development Centre regards itself as an integral part of the University, with a pivotal role to play in contributing to the development of employability, as increasingly expected by HE funders, policy-makers, auditors, employers and students themselves.

The University and its staff are entitled to expect in this context, that the Career Development Centre will be staffed by competent and appropriately qualified personnel who can:

  • Inform strategic and operational planning relating to the development of student employability at institutional, departmental and personal levels.
  • Provide consultancy and partnership connected to design and delivery of customised student career development learning both in and out of the curriculum, including on-line collaborative provision of information, core careers education and guidance related activities.
  • Inform appropriate staff and units about labour market patterns and trends and the work/study destinations of UCD graduates.
  • Deliver a professional service for students and recent graduates within the level of resourcing available.

The Career Development Centre is entitled to expect that the Institution will:

  • Involve and support the Centre in institutional strategic planning and implementation as it relates to student employability in the curriculum.
  • Provide access to students in their academic departments for the purpose of alerting them to student employability and Centre provision for career development learning and associated activities.
  • Develop awareness and understanding of the Centre’s remit and activities, particularly insofar as these affect students, course design and preparation for subject review or audit.
  • Make active and timely use of the considerable professional expertise of members of staff in providing programmes for development of student employability, and for course review and assessment.
  • Provide sufficient staff and fiscal resources to enable the Career Development Centre to realise its mission. 


Your opinions about the services provided will be sought on a regular basis, so that activities and information provision can be adapted to meet your needs.

If you think there are improvements that can be made to the Career Development Centre’s services, we would like to hear from you. If you would like to discuss your ideas for employability-related initiative with a relevant member of staff, please contact the Careers & Skills Consultant with caseload responsibility for your School or College. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss any concerns with Dr David Foster, Director of Career Development & Skills. All complaints will be responded to.

4. Equal opportunities

As a member of AGCAS (the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) and AHECS (Association of Higher Education Careers Services), University College Dublin is committed to promoting equality of access and treatment in education, employment, training and guidance, regardless of race, religion, political belief, gender, disability, marital status, social class, age or sexual preference. Forms of unlawful direct and indirect discrimination, or unequal treatment or unethical behaviour, will be challenged.