How do I get an award?

We’ve tried to make the process of registering for an award and submitting your application as user-friendly as possible. We’ve broken the process down into a number of steps which you can read about below. Hopefully, all your questions will be answered but if they aren’t, or you would like to speak to someone before you proceed, please feel free to get in touch with Rebecca at, who will be happy to help.

What's in it for me?

Many UCD students engage in co-curricular activity, whether this is participating in sports, volunteering with SVP, being a Society committee member, Class Rep. or Peer Mentor. Most of you are doing this because it’s fun or you want to make friends or you think it might be good for your CV (or some combination of all of these things). Obviously you can engage in co-curricular activity without applying for a co-curricular skills award but here are a few reasons why we think you should……


  • We meet lots of students at the Career Development Centre who are doing great things but struggle to articulate the development they have gained. So, it’s great that you are a peer mentor but do you know how to communicate the value of this to a potential employer in your CV/application or at interview? The process of submitting your application for the UCD Embark Award or the UCD Advantage Award will really help with this.
  • Achieving the UCD Embark Award or the UCD Advantage Award gives you a formal, acknowledgement by UCD of your engagement in co-curricular activities during your time at university. You will be presented with a certificate at a celebration ceremony.  Achievement of the UCD Advantage Award will appear on the Diploma Supplement that you receive at graduation. You can list achievement of the UCD Embark Award or the UCD Advantage Award in the “Achievements” section of your CV.
  • Participating in the Awards encourages you to expand the breadth of your co-curricular activity, to get involved in things that you may not have considered previously. This opens up a world of opportunity in terms of meeting new people, experiencing new situations and developing a whole host of new skills.
  • Finally, we know you are not doing these things simply for recognition but sometimes a “well done” from your university is nice. What you are doing is important, in lots of ways. Let UCD show you its appreciation.

What Award should I register for?

Both the UCD Embark Award and the UCD Advantage Award are open to all UCD students. However, they have been designed such that the UCD Embark Award is most relevant for first undergraduate students and the UCD Advantage Award is most relevant for post first year students. Both awards are also open to graduate students. Before making a decision on which award to register for, we recommend that you have a look at the “important dates” section below as there are some restrictions around when you can start/finish your Award and these may have a bearing on your decision. If you need some help figuring out what the best option is for your individual circumstances, Rebecca ( will be happy to help.


How do I register?

Registration is quick and easy.

To register for the UCD Embark Award or the UCD Advantage Award, simply log into SISweb using your UCD username and password, select “Programme Services” on the top toolbar and then select “My Co-Curricular Award Applications”. You will see both the UCD Embark Award and the UCD Advantage Award listed. Select “apply” on the award that you would like to apply for.

Once you have applied, you will receive an automated email providing instructions on how to sign up for an induction session for your chosen award. It is mandatory to attend an induction session and your award registration will not be confirmed until you have completed the induction. The induction takes 50 minutes and sessions take place regularly so you’ll be ready to get cracking on your award submission in no time at all.

If you wish to attend an induction sessions before signing up for an award, you can do so by signing into your UCD Careers Connect  and booking a place on an induction session under our "Events" tab.

How do I Submit My Application?

Once you have attended an induction session and your registration has been confirmed you can begin work on your award submission. Everything is done online via SISWeb. To achieve the UCD Embark Award you need to demonstrate engagement across ONE of the themes below. To achieve the UCD Advantage Award you need to demonstrate engagement across all FOUR of these themes.
•    Personal and Professional Development
•    UCD and the Wider Community
•    Cultural Engagement
•    Health & Well-being
This might sound like a lot but bear in mind that you do not necessarily have to complete a separate activity for each theme. Many co-curricular activities provide scope for engagement across more than one theme, for example, being a Peer Mentor provides scope for personal and professional development while also enabling you to make a contribution to the UCD community. For the UCD Embark Award all activities must be UCD based. For the UCD Advantage Award you can include one non UCD activity, for example a Summer internship that was not part of your academic programme, voluntary work in your home community or participation in a local sports club.

To achieve either of the awards you need to:
•    Tell us a bit about what you did.
•    Reflect on what you learned and how you developed as a result of your experience. The online system will guide you through this.
•    Nominate a referee who will verify that you did what you say you did. For some UCD co-curricular activities the online system will pre-populate this information for you.
•    When you are happy that you have provided all of the information that we need, simply hit the “submit” button and your application will be sent to our team of reviewers. A reviewer will look at your application, come back to you if they have any queries and, once everything is in order, let you know that your application has been successful.

We’re not expecting you to write essays (we know that you have enough of that to do already!) – we just need a bit of information on what you did and why it matters. Remember that the work you put into completing your application will also be of use when it comes to drafting your CV, filling in job application forms or answering competency-based questions at interview.

What Key Dates should I be aware of?

UCD Embark Award

  • Pre-registration is open all year round. There is currently no closing date for pre-registration. However, you must be able to pre-register, attend an induction and submit your application before the submission deadline.
  • Friday, 19 April 2019 - Deadline for submitting your UCD Embark Award application.
  • Early May 2019 - Presentation of UCD Embark Award certificates.

UCD Advantage Award

  • Pre-registration is rolling so there is no closing date. However, if you are in your final year at UCD, you must be able to pre-register, attend an induction and submit your application before the submission deadline.
  • You have one full calendar year to complete and submit your application for the UCD Advantage Award from the time you register, BUT if you are in your final year, you must submit your application BEFORE Friday 29 April.
  • May 2019 - Presentation of UCD Advantage Award certificates to all those eligible to receive them at that point in time.

What support is available to me to achieve my Award?

‌Lots! The reason we require you to do an induction is so you are fully prepared to get the most from your participation in the Awards and have all the information you need to make a great application. At the induction we will go through the whole process with you, give you some tips on making an effective application and answer any questions, big or small, that you may have.
Throughout the year we’ll be holding drop-in sessions where you can pop in if you have a question, are experiencing an issue or simply want to chat to other people who are also participating in the Awards.  At any time you can contact Rebecca who will be happy to answer questions, help you to resolve issues or listen to your feedback. You can reach Rebecca on