UCD Career Mentoring Programme


The UCD Career Mentoring Programme was first introduced in 2014 and we are now in the fifth cycle. The Programme is available to 2nd year undergraduate students in all schools in:

  • The UCD College of Arts and Humanities
  • The UCD College of Social Sciences and Law

Only students from these schools who are in their 2nd year of study are eligible for the programme.

Programme aims and objectives

The aim of the UCD Career Mentoring Programme is to match students with professionals who are able to offer support them in:

  • Developing their career ideas/clarifying their goals
  • Improving their employability

For the programme we are adopting Clutterbuck’s (2004) definition of mentoring, that is:
“Mentoring is an offline partnership between two people built on trust. The mentor offers ongoing support and development opportunities to the mentee. Addressing issues and blockages identified by the mentee, the mentor offers guidance, counselling and support in the form of pragmatic and objective assistance. The mentoring relationship is confidential”.

Fundamentally, mentoring is a developmental relationship between a mentor (more experienced) and a proactive mentee (seeking support).

Those students who are matched with a mentor will be required to meet their mentor a minimum of 3 times throughout the course of the 6 month programme.

The matching process

Mentors and mentees are matched based on the information provided in their application forms, so please ensure you include as much information as possible. We aim to match mentors and mentees specifically on:

  • Students and alumni of the same School (where possible, but there has been some cross School matching)
  • Students expressed areas of interest vs mentors stated areas of expertise
  • Ability of the mentor to support the student in the achievement of their stated career aims/aspirations

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are experienced UCD alumni from a range of different backgrounds with the experience of what it is really like in the field. Some of the roles and areas are mentors are in are in include:

  • Diplomat/Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Charities/NGO
  • Education – 2nd and 3rd level
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Civil Service/Government
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Arts & Culture
  • Psychology
  • Self-employed/Entrepreneurship
  • Media
  • Public Relations
  • Professional Services

The Timeline

Career Mentoring Timeline 2018/19

If you are interested and eligible for the programme, please complete the form below. As per the timeline, applicants will be asked to attend an information session at lunchtime on Wednesday 14th November. Those who we have successfully matched will be informed in early December and will be asked in to attend a mandatory training session and launch event on January 24th.

Should you have any questions please contact rebecca.boyle@ucd.ie

Applications will close on Thursday, October 18th.