UCD internship documents

UCD has developed supporting documentation, templates and policy/guideline documents. A list of these resources is provided here. For further discussion and additional advice please contact the University Internships Manager, Dr Teresa Lee at the Career Development Centre.

Internship/Work Practice Experience: Guidelines and Good Practice; Academic Policy
This academic policy outlines the University set of standards and guidelines to be applied to all programmes that award credit for work and/or professional internships.

Host Internship Agreement
All internship/placement arrangements require a signed agreement between the University and the host.  This sets out the terms to be agreed between UCD and the internship host organisation.  The agreement is signed before a student begins their internship.

Student Internship Acceptance Form
This is the template to be used between UCD and the student going out on internship.  All students are required to complete a student internship acceptance form before commencement of their internship/placement.  Any additional learning contract entered into is included as part of the Internship agreement (appendix 1 – statement of internship).

Student Code
Students should be made aware that they are, during the course of their internship, subject to the Student Code as they are to the UCD disciplinary process where this is deemed necessary.  Note that the Code includes a dedicated section on student conduct whilst on placement.