Skills Workshops

UCD Career Development Centre offers a range of seminars and workshops aimed at helping you build the skills you need to master the graduate recruitment process and compete successfully for the job you want. These include our career management short seminars:

Effective applications: developing stand-out CVs and cover letters (45 minutes)

In this seminar you will learn the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of putting together an effective CV and cover letter. Find out what graduate recruiters are looking for and how to market your skills and attributes in an impactful way.

Performing effectively at interview: tips and techniques for success (45 minutes)

Many students and graduates find the prospect of doing a job interview daunting and are unsure how to prepare and perform effectively. In this seminar we take you through what you should do before, during and after your interview to maximise your chance of success and help you to become more confident in your own capabilities.

These seminars are usually run during semester 1 and you can book your place through Careers Connect.

We also offer the following two-hour interactive workshops on an occasional basis.

Identify your strengths!

Are you trying to figure out what to do next? Are you unsure about what you have to offer a potential employer? This workshop helps you to build self-awareness through exploring your interests, values and personality preferences. Understanding yourself better can help you to evaluate career options more effectively and make choices that are right for you. You will also be better able to market your strengths in your CV and applications.

Participants on this workshop will be asked to complete some psychometric tests in advance. These will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Details will be provided when you register.


Design, Develop and Deliver Compelling Presentations

It is becoming more common for employers to ask candidates to create a presentation as part of the graduate recruitment process. Delivering presentations to colleagues, managers and customers is also a feature of many graduate jobs. This workshop will cover the development and delivery of professional presentations, including how to make a positive impact through verbal and non-verbal communication, in addition to highlighting the effective techniques that the world's best presenters employ.  


Get hired!

In this interactive workshop you will get to experience the graduate selection process from the perspective of a graduate recruiter. You will review graduate CVs and decide which candidate is the best fit for a role. This gives a unique insight into what graduate recruiters are looking for in an applicant’s CV.  You will learn how to present your skills, knowledge and experience to best effect in your CV and avoid common CV pitfalls.


Excel at Interview: A Strategy for Success

In this interactive workshop we take you through what you should do before, during and after your interview to maximise your chance of success and help you to become more confident in your own capabilities. You will also get the chance to put what you have learned into action with practice interview scenarios.


Ace your Assessment Centre

Assessment centres are often used in the candidate selection process by larger organisations and it's important to prepare well in order to make a big impression! This workshop provides you with a taste of what it's like to participate in an Assessment Centre. Through interactive exercises and games, you can gain a better understanding of their behaviour as part of a team, when faced with a problem or task to be resolved. We will analyse the do's and don't's and explore the criteria that assessors use when evaluating a candidate's performance.


Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Against a backdrop of uncertainty and in a changing world and economy, the role of creativity in the workplace has never been more important. This interactive session introduces you to the concept of creativity and employs a range of tools and techniques to enhance your ability to confront problems creatively.


Booking is through Careers Connect.