Research employment opportunities

If you are trying to decide what sort of job you want or what sector to work in it pays to do some thorough research. There are lots of ways in which UCD Career Development Centre can help you with this. In our resource room we have lots of useful information on different types of jobs and industries, so do drop in and have a look round.

We run information events on different types of career options; for example teaching, PR, accountancy, international development etc. Keep an eye on Careers Connect for upcoming events. You can also find a wealth of useful online resources, tips and advice in the sections below.

Lots of employers also have videos about their graduate scheme or what it's like to work for them. Here's a playlist of some of the ones we've found on YouTube:

Online resources

There are a number of useful tools and databases on this website that allow you to investigate different types of industries and jobs in a structured and straight-forward manner. These include:


Career Player

  • Thousands of career videos bringing graduate jobs to life. Get the inside scoop on different industries, practice psychometric tests and search graduate jobs.


You can also find some very useful industry/sector overviews and job descriptions on and

Get talking!

We organise hundreds of employer events on campus throughout the academic year, including several large recruitment fairs. These are a great way of finding out what different careers are really like and making a connection with your potential future employer. Keep an eye on Careers Connect for details of upcoming events.

Network and seek advice from anyone who can help; for example your tutors/lecturers, career & skills consultants, university alumni, friends, relatives, employers.  You could also join LinkedIn groups relevant to your interest and this will give you the chance to find out more about different occupations and industries.

Look out for relevant career workshops organised by UCD Career Development Centre - these are available to book through Careers Connect. If you’d like to talk to someone individually, you can meet with a Career & Skills Consultant on campus to explore your options. 

Try it out

One of the best ways to really see whether a career is for you is by gaining work experience, either through an internship or volunteering. In addition to helping you gain a realistic idea about what the job entails, this will help you develop the skills that employers want. Hundreds of employers advertise their internship opportunities on Careers Connect. If you need some help identifying the best way of gaining experience in a particular area come in and get some advice from a Career & Skills Consultant.