Part-time jobs & summer work

A lot of students need to work during their studies to earn money, and this will also enhance your CV and benefit your future career prospects. Employers are looking for skills and experience gained in a range of different situations, and work experience combined with your academic qualifications can help you stand out.

Finding a job that is related to your field of study and/or the career you would like to go into is a great way to get a foot in the door. Some industries can be difficult to get into, so a job on reception or helping with general tasks can help you network your way in. However, even if your part-time work is seemingly unrelated to your chosen career you can still develop transferable skills and have examples to use in competency-based applications and interviews.

gradireland has some useful information on gaining experience whilst in college, and TargetJobs offers ten skills you can gain from a part-time retail job, which can also apply for work in other sectors.

Finding work

You can find part-time and temporary jobs advertised through most of the usual job websites and channels. However, increasingly employers are using social media as an inexpensive, easy and fast way to fill vacancies. Some tips for finding work are: