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Disc Centrifuge

CPS Disc Centrifuge is an excellent instrument used for high resolution particle size characterisation.  The CPS Disc Centrifuge is an excellent tool for particle size analysis of virtually any material from 0.003micron (3nm) to 50 micron (depending on particle density). Particle size distributions are measured using differential centrifugal sedimentation, a well known and reliable method of particle size analysis. The centrifuge can routinely separate particles that differ in size by 2-5%. Unlike most other particle sizing techniques, particles are actually separated and then measured, no predictive algorithms are used.

The results from a CPS disc centrifuge show almost "chromatographic" type resolution which is in dramatic contrast with other particle sizing techniques e.g. light scattering methods. The ultra-high resolution makes this an ideal method for effectively resolving aggregates and agglomerates and for observing relative shifts in peaks and tails on particle distribution charts that are not clearly visible with other techniques.

As well as being fast and very simple to use the CPS Disc Centrifuge gives highly accurate, reproducible results, can measure up to 40 samples on the same ‘run’, does ‘speed ramping’ for measurement of broad distributions, and can even measure ‘buoyant’ or ‘neutral density’ particles, i.e. particles having a lower density to the medium in which they are dispersed e.g. oil emulsions.