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The Centre welcomes staff and researchers that share its commitments to excellence and responsible development from all sectors of the research and development community worldwide. It has an active hiring program of senior and junior researchers, postgraduates, and is always open to applications from truly outstanding candidates.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV and Cover Letter to Rhona.Hutchinson@cbni.ucd.ie

Open positions at CBNI (application deadline 8 June 2018):

Post-doctoral Research Fellow Position in New Approaches for Manipulation of the Mammalian Epigenome (Reference number 010298)

The successful candidate will explore novel approaches to re-programme the epigenome in mammalian cells, including gene expression and epigenetic changes, and associated phenotypic outcomes. As such, demonstrated experience in mammalian cell culture, advanced molecular biology and biochemistry techniques such as ChIP-sequencing, CRISPR, flow cytometry and live cell microscopy is highly desirable.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow Position in Exosome Detection and Manipulation (Reference number 010299)

The successful candidate will work on detection and manipulation of exosomes as complex nanostructures for use in biomedical applications. As such, demonstrated experience in production and harvesting of exosomes or viruses using bench-scale bioreactors is highly desirable.  Analytical experience of extracellular media, and study of cell culture medium components using chromatographic or other techniques would be advantageous.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow Position in Synthesis of Complex Nanostructures (Reference number 010300)

The successful candidate will conduct synthesis of complex nanostructures and systematic investigations of the effects of engineered nanomaterial interactions with living systems. Demonstrated skills in nanoparticle characterisation with established physicochemical and biophysical methodologies, microfluidic synthesis or detection are highly desirable.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow Position in Innate Immunity (Reference number 010297)

The successful candidate will be working on an intellectually stimulating project at the intersection of innate immunity and nanotechnology. They will use siRNA screening, proteomics, transcriptomics, and cell-based assays to explore new approaches for co-operation of distinguish innate immune networks to direct immune responses. The goal will be the identification of novel innate immune sensors and elucidation of their mechanism of action. 

For further detail on job descriptions and to apply for these positions, please refer to the University College Dublin vacancies page available at this link with the indicated job reference numbers.