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Dr Marco Monopoli at TM's 1st World Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology Online Conference

Friday, 6 December 2013

The “TM's 1st World Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology Online Conference” will consist of major topics such as: (i) Current and promising integrative applications of nanobiomaterials (i.e. translational medicine) for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications such as for early and personalized diagnosis (i.e. nano-based molecular screening and characterization; nano-molecular tracking) and for efficient therapy (e.g. progressive-controlled nano-(bio)-drug tracking, delivery; nano-molecular imaging); (ii) Design, development, characterization and applications of current and emerging nano-theranostics, nanoscale-biodevices, green-nanobiotechnologies, nanobiomaterials; (iii) Biological, pharmacological and toxicological effects of unloaded or loaded nanomaterials in ex-vivo (e.g. cells, tissues) and in-vivo systems (e.g. animal models and humans); (iv) Current and emerging nanobiomarkets (e.g. competitive e-commerce) as well as environmental matters (e.g. use, storage and potential toxic release of nanoparticles in the environment) and regulatory affairs (e.g. transfer, licensing and legislation in terms of marketing, quality, innovation and safety). The meeting will bring together a large number of scientific and nano-business experts, specialists, leaders, influential industry partners and policy makers from all over the world to meet, exchange ideas and begin to work together.

Web: http://t.co/akSVbgoxkY