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Modern NanoScience - What is it all about? Undergraduates from Aarhus University visited CBNI to find out.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

On the 25th June 2014, 27 Nanoscientists from Aarhus University, Denmark, visited CBNI & UCD to discover what really takes place in a Modern BioNano Research Centre. Our guests were welcomed warmly by Prof. Joe Carthy, Principal of the College of Science and Susan McAlinden from the UCD International Office, and had the opportunity to find out about opportunities for further study in UCD.

Prof. Kenneth A. Dawson and Dr Louise Rocks of CBNI both joined remotely via video conference from CLINAM where Kenneth was attending to give an Invited talk.

We were delighted also to be joined via video conference by Albert Duschl, coordinator of NanoEIS which is an EU FP 7 Project, focused on outreach and education activities. Dr Duschl gave an overview of the project, which investigates the European labour market for personnel trained in nanotechnology.

Following this the visitors were given insight into the format of modern research here in the Centre for BioNano Interactions, including for example a presentation from our Marie Curie Fellows on the MC awards, and their research; a sample of work flow and collaboration efforts within the lab and how that is managed so as to achieve high impact publications e.g. Nature Nanotechnology 8,137-143 (2013); and finally a tour of the CBNI Facilities, Laboratories and Infrastructures.

This outreach event was a huge success, with both visitors and researchers tremendously enjoying it. We look forward to once more crossing paths with some of our visitors – the NanoScientists of the future.

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