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Wellcome Trust/NIH Scholarship awarded to Brian Caffrey at the Centre for BioNano Interactions, UCD

Friday, 6 February 2015

The prestigious Wellcome Trust/NIH Studentship is awarded to 5 students from Britain and Ireland every year to pursue PhD research and training.

Brian Caffrey, of CBNI has succeeded in obtaining a four year Studentship, commencing in Autumn 2015.

Brian will contribute to ongoing research under Professor Kenneth A. Dawson at the Centre for BioNano Interactions, University College Dublin UCD, developing novel techniques to characterise the presentation of biomolecules on the surface of nanoparticles and study their interactions with cells.

Brian will also work at the National Institutes of Health’s Centre for Cancer Research at Bethesda, Maryland, USA, with Dr. Subramaniam’s research group. Brian will use state-of-the-art high resolution 3D cryo-electron microscopy techniques to further understand and describe biologically important ligands and their respective cellular receptors for nanotheraputical applications.

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