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Prof. Kenneth A. Dawson to give Invited Talk & Co-Chair a Session at SUN-SNO-GUIDENANO Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference 2015

Friday, 6 March 2015

Prof. Kenneth A. Dawson, Director of The Centre for BioNano Interactions, will give an Invited Talk entitled “The meaning of Characterization, and Biological Identity” at the SUN-SNO-GUIDENANO Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference in Venice, 9-11th March, 2015, and will also have the pleasure of Co-Chairing the “Tracking NM in complex matrices”Session, together with esteemed colleague Dr Omowunmi Sadik.

For more information on the event and program see the links below.

On a related topic, Prof. Dawson will also lead the newly established EU-US CoR on Characterisation, as the EU Chair, in Venice, March 12-13th. See here for more information: EU-US CoR on Characterisation

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