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Dr. Valentina Castagnola

after 4 months visiting period, joined the Center for BioNano Interactions in May 2015 as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Her work involves carbon based nanomaterials and complex nanoparticles synthesis and characterization for biological applications.

Valentina obtained a degree in Chemistry in 2007 and the M.Sc. in Photochemistry and Material Chemistry in 2011 from the University of Bologna. During her M.Sc. internship she worked on the development of a highly sensitive nanobiosensor based on electrochemiluminescence transduction for the detection of palytoxin.

In December 2014, she obtained her PhD at the Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes (LAAS-CNRS) in Toulouse, with a thesis on the conception and implementation of neural probes for brain stimulation and recording. Her PhD was carried out in the NanoBioSystem group (NBS) under the supervision of Dr. Christian Bergaud and Dr. Emeline Descamps and in 2015 she received the prize for the best thesis 2014 from the GEET (Génie Electrique, Electronique, Télécommunication) doctoral school.