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Ingrid Morera Merino

Ingrid joined the Centre for BioNano Interactions in October 2016 to start her PhD studies, funded by the Irish Research Council (IRC). The aim of her project is to provide a clear understanding of the accumulation and processing of engineered nanomaterials by the liver, by clarifying the role of specific key elements on the biomolecular corona composition on nanoparticles in the recognition by liver-cell receptors.

Ingrid graduated from IQS School of Engineering (IQS) in Barcelona with a BSc in Chemistry in 2013. Her final project was carried out in the Engineering Materials Group (GEMAT), and mainly focused on the encapsulation of antineoplastic agents into polyester nanoparticles. In 2015, she obtained an MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and kept working with the group during her studies, in collaboration with the start-up company SAGETIS-BIOTECH. Her final project was focused on the understanding of protein corona formation onto PEGylated polyester nanoparticles, carried out under the supervision of Prof. Salvador Borrós.