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Science Centre South

Room S0.06, Ground Floor

Name Role Contact NoEmail 
Dr Yan Yan  SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) Awardee 2447   search


Room S0.07, Ground Floor - Director's Office

NameRole Contact No Email 
Prof Kenneth A. Dawson  Director  2447 or 2459 search


Room S0.08, Ground Floor - Administration

NameRoleContact No Email 
Mr James Higgins  Financial Administrator
 -  finance (at) cbni.eu 
Dr Rhona Hutchinson  Administrator -  finance (at) cbni.eu 


Room S0.09, Ground Floor - Administration

NameRoleContact No Email 
Mr Terence Connolly  Research Grant Administrator 2415 or 2459  admin (at) cbni.eu
Dr Bevin McGeever  Research Office Administrator 2415 or 2459  admin (at) cbni.eu


Room S0.10, Ground Floor - Post Doctoral Researcher / Hot Desk Office

NameRoleContact No Email 
Dr Betul Hekimoglu Balkan  Project Outreach Coordinator -  search


Room S0.11, Ground Floor - Theory Group / Hot Desk Office

NameRoleContact No Email 
Dr Hender Lopez Silva  Research Fellow
-  search


Lab S1.48, First Floor - Experimental Group Lab

NameRoleContact No Email 
Ms Fatima Al Nasser  Masters by Research  2416  query (at) cbni.eu
Ms Amirah Alahmari  Masters by Research  2416  query (at) cbni.eu
Ms Kholoud Alnahdi  Masters by Research  2416  query (at) cbni.eu
Dr Luca Boselli  Research Fellow 2416  search
Mr Brian Caffrey  Doctoral Researcher -  query (at) cbni.eu
Ms Qi Cai  Masters by Research 2416  query (at) cbni.eu
Dr Valentina Castagnola  Research Fellow 2416  search
Ms Jennifer Cookman  Doctoral Researcher 2416  query (at) cbni.eu
Ms Diana Hudecz  Doctoral Researcher -  query (at) cbni.eu
Ms Jingji Li  Doctoral Researcher -  query (at) cbni.eu
Mr Kai Liu  Doctoral Researcher 2416  query (at) cbni.eu
Ms Sandra Lara Martinez  Doctoral Researcher 2416  query (at) cbni.eu
Mr André Potti  Masters by Research 2416  query (at) cbni.eu
Mr Weitao Zhao  Doctoral Researcher -  query (at) cbni.eu


If dialling from outside the University, prefix extensions with 01-716.

If dialling from outside Ireland, prefix full number with +353-1.

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