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Andrzej Pitek

joined the Centre for BioNano interactions as a PhD student in October 2009. His research focus on the interactions of nanoparticles functionalized with specific peptide epitopes with the living matter, by investigating the behaviour of such NPs in biological fluids, with particular emphasis on tailoring the interactions with plasma proteins. In his current studies he is using a combination of physical, chemical and biological techniques (such as TEM, light scattering, differential centrifuge sedimentation, SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry etc.) to characterize the physico-chemical properties of such nanoparticles in physiological buffer and in situ in biological fluids. In the future he will use the human protein microarray technology, to profile the interactions of these functionalised NPs, with an array of target biological binders to identify potential specific recognition events. Considering the multidisciplinary character of his work, Andrzej works closely collaborating with Dr. Francesca Baldelli Bombelli and Dr. Eugene Mahon in this project.

After graduating from the Krakow University of Technology with an MSc. degree in Chemical Engineering, Andrzej undertook the masters programme in NanoBioScience at the UCD School of Physics (Dublin), which finally led him into the CBNI team as a PhD student. In his MSc. thesis he looked at the dispersion of carbon nanotubes, the multiple spectroscopic techniques.