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Dr. Daithi Garry

joined the Centre for BioNano Interactions as a PhD student in May 2010. Daithi is funded vosa an EPA project project,  In his research he seeks to understand the means by which nanoparticles interact with aquatic organisms, in roder to assess whther such NP interactions could have any potential impacts on organism function or health. He is also involved in cytotoxic studies as part of the IAN, looking at suitability of existing safety protocols for nanomaterials. Daithi works closely with Dr. Sergio Anguissola.

After graduating in August 2009 with double honours in Chemistry and Biology from National University of Ireland Maynooth, he started working with Environmental Management Services (EMS) in Mullingar. Working with EMS he was composing Environmental submissions to An Bord Pleanela opposing proposals for Incineration plants and also submissions requesting the closure of existing Landfill sites. This experience crystallized his interested in undertaking research in nano-ecotoxicology.