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Dr. Christoffer Åberg

joined the Centre for BioNano Interactions as a Postdoctoral Fellow in August 2009. The aim of his work is to develop a theoretical model for nanoparticle uptake by, and subsequent intracellular transport in, cells. To this end, he works in close connection with the experimental efforts within the centre, mainly utilising live-cell imaging to assess the co-localisation of labelled nanoparticles with organelles inside the cell, but also flow cytometry to quantitate the nanoparticle uptake.

Christoffer has an IRCSET “EMPOWER” fellowship, but also contributes to an SFI RFP Kinetic models for nanoparticle uptake and transport pathways in cells and for analysis of functional impacts of nanoparticles in cells and the BioNanoInteract SRC. Preliminary results from this project contributed to securing the EU FP7 project “NanoTransKinetics”.

Christoffer has a degree in theoretical physics from Lund University, but switched to physical chemistry for his graduate studies with Dr. Emma Sparr and Prof. Håkan Wennerström at the Division for Physical Chemistry, Lund University. During these studies he worked mainly on theoretical modelling of diffusive transport in complex amphiphilic systems, though with significant overlap with experimental work.

See UCD research profile for full bibliography.