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Dr. Kanlaya Prapainop

joined the Centre for BioNano Interactions in November 2011 as a visiting scientist supported by a European Science Foundation award and more recently became a Postdoctoral Fellow (May 2012). Her project aims to elucidate how nanoparticles, chemically-grafted with different proteins, may interact with the blood brain barrier (BBB) and what mechanisms of transport across the BBB are utilised by these “designer” protein corona-grafted NPs. It is envisaged that the results from this project will have significant implications for bionanotechnology and nanomedicine.

Kanlaya graduated in 2005 from Mahidol University (Thailand) with a 1st class honors degree in Chemistry. Then, supported by a Higher Educational Strategic Scholarship for Frontier Research Network (SFR) grant from The Royal Thai government, she studied for a Biochemistry DPhil from The University of Oxford, UK. She was supervised by Prof. Paul Wentworth, Jr. and Dr. Mark Howarth and graduated in 2011. Her DPhil thesis studied a chemical approach to nanoparticle targeting of the phagocytic macrophage cell. After her training in the Centre for BioNano Interactions, she will return to Thailand to take up a position as a lecturer in the Biochemistry Department of her alma mater, Mahidol University.