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Fengjuan Wang

joined the Centre for BioNano Interactions in September 2008 as a PhD student after she obtained her bachelor degree in Chemical Biology from Hubei University, China in the same year. Her PhD research is focused on elucidating the mechanisms of cell death induced by positively charged  nanoparticles with Dr. Anna Salvati. At the cellular level, a mixture of apoptotic and autophagic processes were observed with a combination of cell biology approaches, such as flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, Western blot, etc. At the molecular biology level, she is using microarray and real-time PCR to investigate the effect of the nanoparticles gene regulation. She is now performing a proteomic study on the cell death signalling pathway with Dr. Giuliano Elia, of the Mass Spectrometry Resource. She is also using fluorescence microscopy and live cell imaging to follow labelled nanoparticles through the cell and connect their location with the impact on cell function and activation of cell death pathways.

Fengjuan Wang has also been working closely with Dr. Anna Salvati on this project and with Dr. Nikolai Slavov on the gene expression work. She is funded through the HEA PRTLI4 Inspire.