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NanoEIS is an FP7 Coordination Support Action which aims to assess the relevance of existing nanotechnology education and training in universities, vocational training institutes and secondary schools to address the needs of industrial and other societal. Based on an analysis of current examples of best practice, a model curriculum will be developed and made available online.

NanoEIS started on the 1st November 2011 and will run until 30th October 2014.

CBNI are leading WP4 on dissemination, and have a leading role in the development of modules for out of class activities at high school level, and development of training modules for university and professional training. This activity complements the development of the Knowledge Hub for nanosafety being developed as part of the QualityNano research infrastructure for nanosafety, coordinated by CBNI.

A dedicated project website is available at www.nanoeis.eu/.