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The research at the Centre for BioNano Interactions focuses on obtaining a complete understanding of the mechanisms of interaction between nanomaterials and living systems.  Quantitative reproducibility is a cornerstone of the research programme. 

The cycle of research is shown here, and is an iterative process whereby advances in one area often lead to refinements or advances in other aspects.

Nanodiagnostics and Nanomedicine recognize the capacity to diagnose and treat most of the remaining intractable disease classes (e.g. viral, genetic, cancer). They are based on the central observation that objects of such small size can uniquely gain access to, and operate in, all parts of the body including the brain, and within cells.

Nanosafety acknowledges that there exists potential for new, serious and unpredictable diseases originating from the interaction of such small-scale objects with living organisms. Until now there have been very limited numbers of clearly identified hazards from early phase nanoparticles, but caution is being shown worldwide in developing strategies to address the issue.