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The UCD Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation (CCI) is a unique, world-class education and research centre with strong and well-established collaborative relationships with law enforcement and industry

The UCD CCI brochure provides a concise view of CCI's work in the areas of education, research and tool development.

Cybercrimes are growing in number and severity. What used to be the task of specialist national police squads is becoming the routine work of regional police forces and even individual districts. To effectively investigate cyber crimes, the investigator needs a set of special skills, such as methods of classic computer forensics, live computer forensics, and specific tactics of cybercrime investigation.


CCI offers a range of programmes of study in the field of cybercrime investigation. All of our programmes are internationally recognised and many are available online.

We have also developed and run several training programmes for law enforcement.

Research and Projects

CCI has played a key role in several EU projects, developing LE training, providing subject experts and training designers to develop specialist cybercrime training modules.

These modules have been accredited by CCI and are available via Europol to any organisation in Europe, thereby facilitating the building of a community of LE experts.

  • Applied and theoretical research into cybercrime and publication of the results for the benefit of cybercrime investigation/security specialists in the prevention and detection of high tech crime
  • Development, validation and maintence of software tools for use in cybercrime investigation.
  • Development of models of best practice for critical incident response working in partnership with other stakeholders in the area of cybercrime prevention and detection.
  • Upgrading educational material, which is vital due to the speed of developments in the field.

CCI has established and maintained strong links to Law Enforcement, providing academic advisors to the Europol Cybercrime Investigation Training Harmonisation Group. The Centre is a Member of the Irish Delegation to the Europol Working Group on High Tech Crime Training in Europe, attends the Interpol Working Party on High Tech Crime and has MOUs with Interpol and IMPACT.