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Useful Information about Ireland



The international code for Ireland is 00 353. The local area code for Dublin is 01. In case of emergency, dial 999. Local and national directory enquiries are 11811 or 11850 and for international directory enquiries, dial 11818 or 11860.

Electrical Current

220/240 volts (50 cycles) is the standard electrical current throughout Ireland. Plugs are 3-pin flat and an adaptor will be required to use 2-pin plugs.

Business Hours

General business hours in Ireland are Monday to Friday 09:00–17:30. Shops are generally open Monday to Saturday 09:00–18:00, Sunday 12:00–18:00. Thursday is generally late night shopping in Dublin with many shops remaining open until 20:00.


In general it is not necessary to tip for services in Ireland, however it is usually appreciated. The exception to this is in restaurants, where it is usual to tip 10%, except in cases where a service charge is included on the bill.


Smoking is banned in all enclosed places of work in Ireland, including restaurants, offices, pubs and shops.


While the Irish climate is relatively mild, with a mean annual temperature of around 10°C, it is also very changeable on an hourly basis. In general, it is useful to wear layers, including a sweater.