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CyNC 2013 – Cybercrime Network Conference

Sunday 8th December - Tuesday 10th December, 2013
at the O'Brien Centre for Science, UCD, Dublin, Ireland

Conference Report

This conference, hosted by UCD Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation, was the first of its kind. The inaugural event brought together Cybercrime Centres of Excellence from across Europe to showcase the efforts taking place to combat crime in the cyber environment.

The conference agenda was designed to appeal to all stakeholders working in the cyber sphere, including law enforcement, academia, industry and government.

The conference objective was to add tangible value to the fight against cybercrime, through demonstrations of open source forensic tools, investigator training workshops and updates from experts working in the field.

There were opportunities for participants to network across the cyber sectors, view the outputs of the national Centres of Excellence and to engage in productive discussions on the future cyber landscape.

A great success

The conference took place in the new UCD Centre for Science, which was an excellent venue.  One delegate echoed the general sentiment: "CyNC was very well organised and the conference venue as well as the accommodation was outstanding"

225 delegates from 34 countries came to Dublin for the conference, leading to high quality of networking and many different experiences, perspectives and points of view.  It was an interesting and extraordinary mix of nationalities, combining representatives of law enforcement, academia and industry.  Law enforcement organisations contributed over 60% of delegates.

Delegates from 34 countries

CyNC attendance map

Delegates from law enforcement, government, academia, industry and consulting

CyNC attendance chart


Delegates from law enforcement came from regional and national police forces, police training centres, cybercrime or computer/hi-tech crime units. They included specialist digital forensic investigators, detectives, crime analysts and chiefs and managers of cybercrime and computer forensics teams/units, as well as specialist trainers from police training centres.


The delegates from industry (mainly financial services) included specialists in Information Security, IT Risk and control, cyber security, operations, financial crime, and product support.


Delegates came from Ministries of the Interior and Internal Affairs and Communications, as well as Customs, Embassies and Ministries of Justice, Foreign Affairs and Defence. They are working in national cybersecurity centres, organised crime agencies and cybercrime competence centres, counterintelligence and internal audit. We also had participation from government agencies charged with prevention and control of money laundering, data protection, forensic science, financial investigation and regulation.

Professional Services

Many expert consultants attended from firms involved in computer/information security, risk management, anti-virus protection, threat assessment and investigation and digital forensics.


Professors and heads of department, senior lecturers and researchers attended from universities and institutes of technology in Poland, Estonia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Greece, UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, France, Spain and Greece.

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence from Greece, UK and Belgium set up exhibitions of their work in the foyer and contributed to the presentations.

Topics addressed

This was a technical conference, distinguished by an absence of “showboating” and no sales pitches!  The emphasis was on learning and networking.

The topic of greatest interest to delegates was the FREETOOL Demonstration, which could have been longer as it ran out of time with several interesting projects still to hear about.  Delegates need to know what tools are available for free and the tools demonstrated had very specific practical uses and value. For further information on FREETOOL please contact freetool email.

Other very popular sessions were:

  • Forensic Scripting, by UCD CCI’s Dr Fergus Toolan. This was a very well organized presentation, with good explanations and a step-by-step introduction to Python potentialities. It was also of interest to experienced programmers as it gave good insight into different techniques.
  • The IPv6 Training Workshop was a very informative introduction showing how to deal with IPv6 and what you can do with it.  Delegates saw that IPv6 will have big forensic implications.
  • The presentation of Maltego for OSINT, which had real practical value for a Financial Crime Investigation Unit, and which was very well presented by Robert McArdle, lecturer on UCD’s MSc programme.

The Malware Case Study was very well received, as was a presentation on the current state of cybercrime and the cyber war by Robert McArdle; delegates often have to talk about this in presentations or discussions.

Topics judged to be very or quite interesting by most delegates were:

  • Remote Searches in the Cloud: A Comparative Perspective
  • European Strategic Priorities in Fighting Cybercrime
  • Building up Specialised Cybercrime Units and Responsibilities for Managers
  • Capacity Building through Training
  • Social Media and Security had some useful stats and ideas
  • Mobile Technologies - Future Challenges
  • A New Approach to Cybersecurity
  • Basic Concepts of the Digital Forensic Laboratory Management System
  • Executive Round Table
  • Acquisition and Analysis of Android Memory
  • EC Directives on Attacks on Information Systems

The Build your own Forensic Workstation demonstration suffered from some technical issues and also consequently over-ran its time slot.

Delegate Feedback highlights

  • Learning: 90% of delegates learned useful new skills or information
  • Relevance:  a very high percentage of delegates found the presentations very relevant to their work
  • Venue: 99% thought it excellent or very good
  • Organisation: 96% thought it was extremely or very well organized

Delegate Quotes

"I believe that the conference was a great opportunity for law enforcement and business to meet. I hope it continues and grows from strength to strength" "Conference was great experience"
"These presentations were very well prepared and presented"
"Good job, well done!!"
"It was very good for networking. Learn different things and discuss with colleagues"
"Keep on the good work. The CyNC was a great event to bring together experts from law enforcement, academia and industry to enrich each others knowledge and perspectives. Meeting in person at a conference like CyNC is invaluable for creating and maintaining personal networks and to really get to know knowledgable colleagues and friends, even and especially in the evenings when the conference itself is over."
"Very good mix of strategic and expert topics!"
"Extremely well organised. Thank you!"
"Thank you for the good atmosphere and interesting conversations"

How to get copies of the presentations

Links to most of the presentations are below:

Day One

Day Two