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Paul Gillen

Paul Gillen is the head of EC3 Operations Department. An Irish police officer for more than 30 years, Paul took up his post in EC3 on the 1st of February 2013. Paul has responsibility for coordination and development of cyber operations in the three EC3 mandated areas. Conventional cybercrime, payment fraud and child sexual exploitation on the internet. Previously, Paul was the head of the Garda Computer Crimes Investigation Unit for 12 years. Paul was Chairman of the European Cybercrime Training and Education Group (ECTEG) from 2007 - 2013 and also one of the founders and Vice Chairman of the European Union Cybercrime Task Force. Paul was also chairman of the Law Enforcement advisory board at UCD Centre for Cyber Security and Cybercrime Investigation. Paul holds a Master of Science degree from UCD CCI.

Yves Vandermeer

Yves is a Belgian police officer who has over 12 years’ IT crime investigation experience. He writes IT forensic software tools which can be shared at national and international level. Yves was responsible for developing new IT forensics training in Belgium. He has contributed to several international training programmes and, as the Chairman of E.C.T.E.G. he supports international co-operation in IT forensic training.

Yves has an MSc in Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation from UCD.

Virgil Spiridon

Head of Cybercrime, Romanian National Police – Romanian Centre of Excellence

Marian Svetlik

Marian Svetlik, 56, is recognised as a digital forensic expert with a wide-ranging background in information security. Marian is a former police officer, a former head of the special computer-crime expertise police unit, and co-founder of ENFSI Forensic Information Technology Working Group. He is the founder head of the first private Digital Forensic Institute in the Czech Republic. Marian is a member of HTCIA and ACFE and an experienced trainer in digital forensics and information security. He is Vice President and CEO of the Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Robert McArdle

Robert is an external lecturer on the UCD CCI's MSc in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation, where he teaches Hacking and Malware Investigations.

Outside of UCD, Robert is currently working as the manager of Trend Micro's Advanced Threat Research team in Europe, where he is involved in analysing the latest malware threats, specialising in researching the future threat landscape, criminal underground and coordinating investigations with international law enforcement. He is also an external lecturer on Malware Analysis for Cork Institute of Technology Robert is a regular presenter for the press and at security conferences. He has also written and lectures an MSc module in Malware Analysis at Cork IT and is a trainer for several SANS qualifications.  A graduate of Trinity and DCU he holds several qualifications from SANS and serves on the SANS advisory board. Further information on Robert can be found at his LinkedIn profile http://ie.linkedin.com/in/robertmcardle

Dr. Fergus Toolan

Dr. Fergus Toolan is a Cybercrime Analyst in UCD's Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation. He holds a PhD from University College Dublin, in the area of Machine Learning and has been working in the Digital Forensics field for the past five years. His research interests focus on File System Forensics, and Open-Source Forensics tool development.

Dr. Toolan is the Director of UCD's MSc in Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation and lectures two modules on this programme. Prior to joining UCD, Dr. Toolan was the Director of Computer Science Undergraduate Programmes in Griffith College Dublin.