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CCI Training Feedback


Hundreds of law enforcement officers (and a few civilians) have attended our courses here and in their home countries.

We invite you to read what some of them have to say about our courses:

Forensic Scripting using BASH

“Trainers are experts in their subjects and they are very generous about giving their information”.

Malware Analysis and Investigations

"Well Balanced Course. It included technical information which is notably missing from many other offerings. Getting this level of detail in a freely available course is great".
"The training was one of the most useful and most practical ones in my life"

Live Data Forensics

"The knowledge I received it will be very important to me and to my colleagues".
“Very good slideshow and very well presented. Interactivity is very important in these courses since you gather a lot of different people with a lot of different experiences".

ISEC MSc Intermediate Internet Investigations

“Thanks to the teachers in both weeks for a great job - and thanks to everybody else who are dealing with this”.

ISEC MSc Linux as an Investigative Tool, Part 1 – Online

“The programme was easy to follow as set out by the instructors”

ISEC MSc Introductory IT Forensics and Network Investigations

“It was perfect - and the people around this MSc have really done a perfect job - and everyone has been very very helpful”.
“The module was very well prepared and I know what I should expect. Well done”.
“Everything was much more above that what I expected. Thank you very much!”
“All specific issues are solved with personal attention. I feel encouraged and welcomed. Thanks”.
“All staff very enthusiastic and helpful”.

ISEC MSc Network Investigations

“Yet again we are lucky to have access to a number of trainers with a wide range of experience and expertise in their fields”.
“Very useful course”.

ISEC MSc Mobile Phone Forensics

(The trainers were) "very friendly, very competent and working very good together."
“I've never used these tools before, but I now feel comfortable using them. Thanks”.
“The trainers were not only knowledgeable; they also were well prepared for the single training lessons."

ISEC MSc Applied NTFS Forensics

“Well executed and administrated”.
“Thanks to all trainers. Feeling that they are "living" their knowledge”.
“The instructors for this course were very knowledgeable in this area and were very willing to share their knowledge to the students”.

GBFI First Responders High Tech Crime

"Can't fault them! Excellent-very comfortable and well thought out".
"Brilliant, very good venue".