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Register for 2016–17 academic year


The UCD registration process must be completed in September for each academic year you are a student. For more information, go to www.ucd.ie/students/registration.html. The registration process is divided into two phases: Personal Information & Module Registration.

How to Register Online (a step-by-step guide):



1) Go to UCD Connect. 2) Log into SISWeb. 3) Agree to the UCD Terms & Conditions. 4) Enter the Registration Process to confirm your registration. 5) Welcome to UCD page.


Phase 1 is a straightforward process to complete. Students can click through the steps, confirming or editing personal information, uploading a photo for the Student ID UCard and making a fee payment.

The annual fees for the MSc/Diploma/Certificate programmes can either be paid in a single payment on commencement or in three instalments over the academic year (September / January/ May). In addition to making your fee payment, you can view your annual fees balance, payment options, record of payments and print a receipt for tax purposes. You can access this information via SIS Web at any time of the year. For queries on fees, please go to www.ucd.ie/students/fees/index.html.

Once you have completed phase 1 of the registration process (including paying the appropriate fee), you will be able to collect your UCD student ID UCard. This is available for collection from the UCD UCard bureau on campus (if it is not possible for you to collect your card in person, arrangements can be made with your programme office to receive it via post).


As part of the registration process each September, students are asked to select their modules in advance for the entire academic year (both taught semesters).
If you are a full time student, your modules are pre-selected for you, so you only need to complete Stage 1 of the registration process, as above.

If you are a part time student in first year, please select the following modules:

Year 1
Semester 1 (September - December)

Module Code Module Title
COMP 40800 Computer Forensics Foundations
LAW 40860 Law for IT Investigators

Semester 2 (January - May)

COMP 40790 Application Forensics
COMP 40760 Investigative Techniques


If you are a part time student in second year, please select the following modules:

Year 2
Semester 1 (September - December)

Module Code Module Title
COMP 40750 Corporate Investigations
COMP 40770 Information Security

Semester 2 (January - May)

COMP 40780 Digital Investigation Project

Who can I contact for help?

If you have any general queries on registration, fee payment, student cards etc., please contact the UCD Student Desk, in the Tierney Building here on the UCD campus, using the Student Desk Connector contact form.

Further information about registration:

If you have any queries in relation to module choice, please contact your programme office at travis.grotewold@ucd.ie.