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Exemption requests


It is possible for students to gain credit towards a programme based on recognition of prior learning (rpl). This prior study or experience must have covered the same topics as a module on this programme, but must not have been used to obtain another degree. To request an exemption, you must complete an exemption request form, which you can obtain here: www.ucd.ie/registry/academicsecretariat/rpl.htm.

As part of this form, you must detail which module you are seeking an exemption for, and provide evidence of grounds e.g. prior course certificates, letter from the superior confirming your practical experience in the subject matter of the module, etc. If your application is successful, you will receive the credit value of the module, but no grade. Students should complete this process as early as possible and the exemption request form must be returned within three weeks of commencement in September. Additional information on recognition of prior learning can be found at: http://www.ucd.ie/t4cms/APLpolicy.pdf and

For further information regarding exemptions, please contact the Programme Office at ian.bonar@ucd.ie.