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Online Learning


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We have designed the course so that you can continue in full time employment and fit your study around work and family commitments. You can opt to take the MSc programmes full time over one year or part time over two years. This makes it possible to work, study and graduate with an MSc in less than two years.

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Our distance-learning format widens participation to people from many countries. On the programme you will join a diverse group of like-minded people from across the world. You meet, study and share experiences with international colleagues and develop contacts and connections that will be useful in your international work and career. Cybercrime and data security threats often have an international dimension: having professional contacts in other countries will help you with your own investigations.

High quality tuition

You graduate with internationally recognized qualifications from one of the world’s leading universities. The high quality of UCD CCI’s courses is assured as:

  • We have been working on the development and delivery of forensic computing and cybercrime investigation training since 1997 and have strong links with law enforcement worldwide.
  • We employ highly experienced specialist law enforcement experts as lecturers, combining their practical experience with our academic course development expertise.

The delivery method varies slightly between the two programmes we offer.

Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation (FCCI) Programme

(please note that this programme is open to members of law enforcement only)

Lectures are pre-recorded and provided online via a virtual online learning environment, where they can be downloaded and viewed locally. For most modules, lectures can be accessed throughout the semester from day 1; however students must complete related assignments by certain dates. Handouts, articles and links to online forums and resources support the lectures.

Whilst study is online, all students are required to come to Dublin, or one of our other exam centres once a year to complete examinations & workshops.
Students on the programme are also invited to attend the graduation ceremony and an optional welcome session in Dublin at the start of the course.

MSc in Digital Investigation and Forensic Computing

Lectures are held at UCD two evenings a week during term. A part time student doing the course over two years will attend approx 4 hours of lectures on Tuesday evenings in Year 1, switching to Wednesday evenings in year 2. A full time student taking the course in one year will attend lectures on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

As some students may choose to follow the course mainly online, lectures are simultaneously broadcast live via the classroom website and, following the lecture, the live recording is also made available.

While personal attendance at weekly lectures is not mandatory, students are required to come to Dublin twice during the course:

  • Year One: once in mid-term of Semester 2 (January-May) for practical training (for a week), then for another week at the end of May for the practical & written exams.
  • Year Two: Students do not need to come to Dublin in year 2, but they may expect to do one-on-one interviews online with lecturers as part of their assessment.

In addition to lectures, students are expected to perform self-study assignments during the year, using their personal computers and UCD's online computer lab. Hands-on practical assignments, which require laboratory equipment, take place at the end of the year in the form of intensive full-day workshops during the examination period. In addition, students may book time in UCD's digital forensic lab and use the equipment for self-study during the year.