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Completing the Online Application Form - Master of Science (MSc)


Apply Online Step 1:

Click on the following link www.ucd.ie/registry/admissions/apply.html which will bring you to the UCD Online Application webpage. Here you will see a blue box marked Apply to UCD, which you should select. This will bring you through to UCD's applications system for graduate students.

Step 2:

If you have not used this system before, you will need to create a new account. Creating a new account is easy and only takes a minute. Click Start a new Course Application and then create a new account - you will be asked simply for your name, email address, password, and security question. Then press create account. An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you which will contain your applicant ID number.

Step 3:

The next step will be to Log in with your newly created user account.

Step 4:

The Application Summary page shows you the five sections which you must complete: Select a course, Academic Record, Employment History, Referees and General Questions. Fill in these sections with the following information:

1) Select a course

Please ensure that you select the correct option, paying particular attention to whether you wish to take this course full time or part time. To see which option to select from the Course Finder menu, please choose which of the following options you wish to apply to:

Master of Science (MSc)

FT/PT Start Date Please Select the following option under "Select a Course"
Part Time Sept MSc Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation Sept PT (T025)
Full Time Sept MSc Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation Sept FT (T146)

2) Academic Record

Add information on prior third level institutions and qualifications obtained.

3) Employment History

Use this section to record details of your current and any previous employments.

4) Referees

You must provide details of at least 2 work referee(s).

5) General Questions

Finally, please answer the general questions in this section.

Step 5:

The Application Checklist shows the remaining items which must be submitted in order for your application to be deemed valid:

1) Application Fee

All applicants are required to pay a €50 application fee when paying online. This covers multiple applications for the same session. Applicants who wish to pay by cheque or postal order will be subject to an additional handling fee of €5.

2) Contract of employment

Please provide a copy of your contract of employment either by uploading new documents or by linking to documents which you uploaded previously. Applicants who attended a police academy or training college should provide copies of their academic transcripts.

3) Additional Documentation

Please upload any other documentation which you feel would be beneficial to your application but which has not been specifically requested. You are not required to supply anything in relation to this item unless you wish to do so.

Step 6:

The final stage in this process is to submit your application. You are not required to send in an original transcript at this stage. You can log back into your application at any time and click on the application to view its status.