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Digital Forensics Summer School

UCD CCI Digital Forensics Summer School
20-30 August 2012



CCI Forensic Summer School (PDF)

This course teaches students how to develop an open source computer forensics laboratory. Participants learn how to build their own forensics lab, using freely available and validated open source tools and easily available hardware. The following 5 areas are covered in depth:


  • Computer Evidence Storage
  • Forensic Processing Hardware


  • Triage
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Full Forensic Analysis

Forensic Processes for different cases:

  • Child Abuse cases
  • Email retrieval
  • Chat retrieval
  • Fraud/Theft/Counterfeiting
  • Drug Case Examinations
  • Money Laundering Examinations

Reporting on Forensic Examinations:

  • Formulating a Triage Report
  • Formulating a Preliminary Analysis Report
  • Formulating a Full Forensic Report

Exhibit and Case Management:

  • Managing cases / updating examination results incrementally
  • Associating exhibits submitted for examination with individual cases
  • Associating forensic examination reports with cases and exhibits