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FREETOOL v2.0 – Maturing and Extending the FREETOOL Tool development Initiative



UCD Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation (UCD CCI) has won further funding from the European Commission DG Migration and Home Affairs for a project entitled FREETOOL v2.0 – Maturing and Extending the FREETOOL Tool development Initiative.

The FREETOOL project is an EU funded initiative to develop a range of open-source, validated software tools to assist law enforcement in the field of digital forensics and cybercrime investigation. Over the past 2 years, UCD CCI worked with law enforcement officers from across Europe to develop 6 tools which are now available for download from EC3 SPACE (Secure Platform for Accredited Cybercrime Experts) at Europol.

Ms Cheryl Baker, Head of CCI commented: "The original project was put together to address a need for low-cost software for the law enforcement cybercrime community. Commercial tools were very expensive and typically didn't meet the technical needs of the investigators. The results of the original project was six tools for Live Data Forensics, First Responder and Artifact Analysis. They are freely available to the global law enforcement community via the Europol SPACE platform. FREETOOL v2.0 plans to build on the success of the original project, streaming the development work for both Forensic and OSINT tools, establishing a validation process, and providing training on the tools."

The total value of the funding for the project is €1.02 million.

Applications to use the tools developed so far can be sent toft

FREETOOL v2.0 starts in February 2016 and will run over the next 2 years.

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"Co-funded bythe Internal Security Fund of the European Union"