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How safe is the information you put online?


UCD CCI Prime Time Investigation

How much could someone find out about you online with just your name and email address? How aware of the dangers are you? What can criminals do if they have your personal data? In this film, UCD Centre for Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Investigation analysts show ten members of the public how much of their (private) life is on view and what criminals can do with their information.

Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like are big employers in Ireland with European HQs here. Irish people are enthusiastic users of social media, willingly giving companies lots of valuable personal data, and less concerned with the protection of their online privacy than other European citizens such as those of of Germany and France.

This RTE Prime Time feature (televised March 26th 2015) looks at how personal data is regulated and controlled here and how it can be passed outside Ireland and Europe and possibly shared with government agencies. It refers to the impending European Court of Justice ruling on 25 June which may have big implications for multi-national employers here.

View video here