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Train the trainer programme in Damascus, Syria


UCD CCI were invited by INTERPOL to deliver a train the trainer programme in Damascus, Syria in July 2010. The programme was designed and delivered by CCI staff and this is the third time that INTERPOL has requested both the programme and CCI staff to deliver it. The programme was previously delivered in Cyprus and in India.

30 cybercrime investigators from LE enforcement agencies throughout the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia attended the course, which was delivered alongside the ECTEG Introductory IT Forensics & Network Investigations course.

This is another stage in INTERPOL's capacity building initiative, the objective of which is to equip cybercrime investigators with a set of skills that will enable them to go on to train officers in their own regions. The visit by INTERPOL was a prestigious event for the local Syrian Authorities and both local television and newspapers interviewed students.